The Doctor Won't See You Now by Scott Costin



BY Scott Costin

“Scott is a true healthcare leader and in his book “The Doctor Won’t See You Now”, the reader gets a front row seat for a lesson on how we got to where we are today. If you are employed in biopharma sales, this book is a must read. This is a rope to help you escape the rut you may currently be occupying.

Jeff Kline, Vice President, Sales; Allergan PLC


In the biopharma industry, represented by healthcare providers and biopharma manufacturer’s representatives, it’s mostly uncommon for health care providers and their leaders to work with manufacturer’s representatives.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now explores why—and provides solutions.

Earning awards of distinction in both the military and biopharma fields, author Scott Costin is well suited to help organizations and their representatives break through old dogma associated with biopharma vendors in his new book, The Doctor Won’t See You Now.

“After working on the front lines in the biopharma industry for the last 17 years in one of the most inhospitable areas to biopharma and device representatives—the Pacific Northwest—I learned what is required to generate mutually beneficial outcomes for customer and manufacturer,” Costin says. “This book provides insights into what representatives and leaders can do to generate results effectively and honorably, in a way that benefits the customer, their patients, and the manufacturer.”

The Doctor Won’t See You Now explores the valued questions:

  • What happened to this relationship between customer and vendor?
  • How did the trust erode?
  • How has payer influence impacted this relationship?


  • Why are physicians no longer permitted to meet with vendor representatives?
  • What genuine value do industry representatives have to provide their customers?
  • And, if we have genuine value to provide, how do we connect with relevant customers to support them appropriately?

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Believing this work is the first step in an evolving healthcare landscape, author Scott Costin invites reader feedback. After reading The Doctor Won’t See You Now, and using the contact form on this website, we would appreciate if you would please share with us:

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  • What you’ve done to successfully connect with and support your customers.

Additionally, please share your questions:

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  • What training would be helpful to you and your colleagues?
  • What other questions do you have?

Forever the ardent teacher, Costin’s intellectual curiosity serves to significantly benefit the reader—and the biopharma industry at large—in The Doctor Won’t See You Now.

Author Bio

Scott Costin

Author Scott Costin served the U.S. Air Force for nine years working in missile and space operations and teaching at the Officer Training School. Collecting honors and distinctions along the way, he would eventually find himself leading in five biopharma organizations (two via acquisitions) in several roles, including representative, health system manager, hospital manager, specialty manager, and national training manager.

Parents of two boys, Taylor and Jordan, Scott and his wife Kristen enjoy living in Washington state.
Scott Costin
The Doctor Won't See You Now by Scott Costin

“This is a must read for strategists and those accountable for implementation. I would suggest Marketing, Medical Affairs, Account Management and Sales take the time to read this book to help them at a time when the science has never been more exciting and the access more restricted”

John Harrington, Former Chief Commercial Officer, Sanofi Oncology

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